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Size and Fit Hook Bracelets




The most common bracelet size for both men and women is 7.5" medium because girls usually prefer more of a bangle feel and most guys like a closer watch-style fit.  This fits the majority perfectly and is our most sought after size.  If you have petite wrists or want a tighter fit, go with the 6.5" small size.   If you are a big guy with a larger wrist, go with the 8.5" large size.  We happily make custom sizes upon request, just use the Contact Us form and give us the details.  

  • With an ordinary cloth tape measure, wrap the tape around your wrist and note this measurement. 
  • If you only have a ruler or metal tape measure, you can wrap a piece of string around your wrist, mark that and then lay it next to the ruler for the same measurement.  
  • The hook bracelet slides on at the wrist and closes with the hook.  You need to decide if you would like to wear it tighter to your wrist (like a watchband) or looser on your wrist (with movement up and down the writst, more like a bangle.)  Go with your preferenc!  Take your measurement and add .5-1" according to your preferences to gauge the size you want to order. 

Please measure before you order, perhaps checking with other hook bracelets or bangles you have.  Our Hook Bracelets are an oval shape, like your wrist for a better fit.  We also encourage you to leave a tiny bit of room for the hook, our hooks hook underneath so they don't snag on everything. 


When you receive you hook bracelet, there are a few important tips on customizing it to fit perfect.  Most of the time when it comes in the mail, you do your 'happy dance' in the middle of the living room, rip open the package and it fits just perfect.  This is because ours are made in an oval shape like your wrist, not in a perfect circle like a soda can.  The following tips are ONLY IF YOU NEED THEM!  

  • The Mermaid Company Sterling Silver Hook Bracelet bands are waaay thicker and heftier than the average ones you find.  This takes just a few minutes and some patience if you find you need to shape and bend your hook bracelet for a more customized fit.
  • If it feels a little "loose" and the medallion "sticks" on one side of the wrist or the other when you shake your hand, the oval needs slowly bent to MORE oval--by just a little bit.  If it is tight, it may need to be bent LESS oval--by just a little bit.
  • DO NOT HOLD BY THE MEDALLION TO BEND THE BAND AT ANY TIME, this puts too much pressure on the soldered joint and could weaken it.  This is a super thick sterling silver band!  Hold NEXT TO the medallion, and WITHOUT TOUCHING the medallion, use slow and steady pressure to bend up or bend down a bit.  The plain hook part will need bent also to match.
  • Use gentle, slow and firm pressure to SLIGHTLY alter the oval to a "more" oval shape or a "less" oval shape.
  • This is a thick sterling silver, please bend slow and steady, try it on, and if it needs more, repeat in tiny increments until it fits perfect.   

Once you get it to the perfect shape it will stay.  After a few times wearing it you will be able to hook and unhook with one hand like a pro. 


This is an heirloom quality bracelet that will last so long you could pass it down to your kids!  To keep it beautiful and shining until the kids inherit it: 

  1. Polish it frequently with a jewelers cloth. DON'T use chemicals, it may  make the antiquing 'disappear' on the medallion.
  2. Put sunscreen, lotions and perfumes on BEFORE your jewelry.  
  3. Stash it in a ziploc bag with all the air squeezed out when you aren't wearing it. (gasp!!)



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