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Shell Circles

Shell Circles of Love

These Shell Circles were designed to fit into our Circles of Love Pendant. A new twist on old school pendants that let you change your look in a second by switching out the interchangeable Circles. You don't have to wear the same thing every day! We have stunning shells in all colors to capture the essence of the islands. Paua, Mother of Pearl, shimmering light colored shells and vivid dark shells that have their own beauty. Some are engraved with designs, ohm signs, some are inlaid to create patterns or peace signs and ying yangs. We love to mix them up and create even more stunning designs. Several of our designs are influenced by the teachings of Abraham Hicks as interpreted by Esther Hicks. We love the idea of pure postive Vortex and to keep your mind focused on the best things in life. We design jewerly to define your lifestyle..so define it!

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