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FAQ - Affiliate Program for Individuals

If you want to know more about our Captain's Appreciation Affiliate Program for Individuals you came to the right place. 

Here in this FAQ we want to explain things a bit better and answer some questions you may have. We are looking forwards to start working with you, and so we advise you to read it all carefully to see if our program really fits what you want. After reading it, if you like we propose, go to this link and complete your application!

Affiliate program for individuals 

1.What do I need to do so that I can join the Captain's Appreciation Affiliate Program?
You need an email address and to be signed up for paypal. Well, actually you need a bit more than that. You need to have a great attitude and positive outlook on life. You must love beaches, boats, sand, salt water, beach bars, coconuts and floating and hot jewlery. The requirement is a friendly attitude with a magnetic personality. This is perfect for those in the tourist industry behind the bars, working retail or restaurants, on boats. I know it works, because by just walking down the street I've made hundreds of dollars in sales in one afternoon. Dozens and dozens of days and nights, my entire spendable income was made by people complimenting my jewelry!

2. How do I start?
Applying and setting up an account is easy and free. You start by completeing the application form in our website, then you just wait for us to get in contact with you. After the review and approval from the Mermaid Company management, you will receive an email with your login link, user name, appreciation-affiliate links, password and other information. From this point, you will have 2 options:

  • Free Affiliate Program - you only need to share your special link and you can start sending customers to MermaidCompany.com. We also have QR codes and digital business card, in case you want to have printed material. The downside is that you have no jewelry to show, and this might make being excited and explaining the jewelry a little hard!
  • Special Affiliate Program - For a unique fee of U$50 dollars you receive (special link and digital business card) our Starting Kit. Our Starting Kit consists of 1 Circles of Love Pendant, 5 Circle of Love Discs and optional printed business cards. Notice that if you bought those direcly from our website you would spend a total of US180! You get our most special jewelry with a 70% discount.

As our Mermaid Money Appreciation Crew Member, you will have your own control panel/dahboard where you can see detailed statistics of traffic and sales you referred once they have been approved.

3. Here is the breakdown of how it works:

  • You need to accept the compliments on your Mermaid Company jewelry and in response, give out links with the website and a special link to a discount while commission is building up for you to cash in later.
  • The potential client will use your special link to access our website. 
  • The visitors IP address is logged in a database and a cookie is placed in their browser for appreciation tracking.
  • The visitor browses www.MermaidCompany.com and anytime a valid order is placed, you get paid your commission. Simple!
  • No matter when the visitor orders, whether now or way later you get your %. It doesn't have to be during the same browser session because cookies and IPs are stored indefinitely. So any order in the future will still be registered as a commissioned sale for you. 
  • In addition, if they pass the link on or share through social media, it is valid for a full 365 days and you get paid for that commission too!

4. How much do I get paid?
For every purchase made using your appreciation link you get a fixed commission of 10%.

5. How do I know I will be paid?
The program is powered by Affiliatly, a top affiliate link tracking application that works with the MermaidCompany.com E-Commerce platform. Affiliatly uses cookies and IP address to track referrals with 100% reliability. When the visitor follows your individual appreciation-affiliate link to our site, the system registers this and simply places a cookie on the interested buyers computer. When the visitor pays for the product on our website, Affiliatly system reads the cookie and credits your account your percentage of the purchase value. This process is built in and works automatically without any work on your end. All your referrals will be tracked indefinitely. It is reliable, easy for you to use and you have access to your all of your account information, payouts with a username and password.

6. How is the payment handled?
You can either get your commission in the form of a Gift Card or the money can be paid out to you through a PayPal account. You have the option of getting paid once your account reaches $100 in commissions, the first week of every month.

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