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Rewards of Living by the Sea

Rewards of Living by the Sea

Let your connection to the ocean be represented in our beach jewelry collection made from our love for salt water and island living.

When city life is breathing down our backs with deadlines and stress

We tell ourselves it might be time for a vacation. Not just any vacation, because the obvious choice is always a trip to the beach. The beach helps one to unwind, de-stress and basically leave “reality” behind for a little while. Becoming closer to nature is like a journey back to ourselves. One that is free of expectations, stereotypes and at some point all these obligations created by the material and superficial modern world that we live with in our daily lives.

A lot of us consciously or unconsciously answer the call of nature. 

Especially by bodies of water and vast beautiful oceans. It should be no surprise as the very planet we live is composed of 71% water. An astronaut sees a different view of the earth, far above the sky, beyond the clouds and past the earth’s hemisphere, they can see the wholeness, a bird’s eye view of our home, a blue planet to be exact. (Also a mermaid’s favorite color!) Our body is even a testament to our connection with water because 60% of the human physical body is water. Breaking it down further, our brain and heart is 73% water while the lungs are 83%. Our skin is composed of 64% water, the muscles plus kidneys rounds up to 79% and apparently even our bones have 31% water; this all according to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158. Who would have thought we are mostly walking water, right?

From all these facts... 

What we find really amazing is having our beloved ocean comprising 96.5% of our the Earth’s water. The ocean has long been part of human existence and survival. Our ancestors thrived from its bounty, the ocean serving as a resource of food and valuable minerals. Shells in ancient civilization were used as a form of money for barter and trade. At the same time, shells became a form of self expression as body ornaments and handmade ocean jewelry. Mankind explored other continents while commerce flourished with the ocean becoming the highway for trade and magical discoveries. In studies linking health to marine life, a 2001 census analyzed by scientist and researchers from European Centre for Environment and Human Health, showed that people living near the coast are healthier compared to those living inland. Exposure to the sound of waves send the brain to a meditative state resulting to a “rejuvenated mind and body.” Our beloved oceans produce “half of the oxygen” that we breathe and nothing is more fresh than the sea air, which apparently carries negative ions that help us accelerate the intake and absorption of oxygen. Better oxygen consumption sends us to improved sleeping patterns that truly rests the mind. So now you don’t have to wonder why you actually CRAVE the ocean! It’s good for your body, mind and soul and your body just naturally knows it.

The ocean’s vastness is full of mystery, provoking human curiosity and a sense of adventure. 

What truly lies beneath the ocean floor spurs a continuous exploration by mankind and our relationship with the ocean has long been imprinted in our DNA. Even if you live a thousand miles away from the coastline, no matter how much you think you differ to the life forms under the salt water, the truth is, you too are the child of the sea. (No wonder we have chosen to become mermaids!)


To remind you of the overflowing love emanating from the ocean, we created a beach jewelry collection, which you can take anywhere! From our hook bracelets to our Circles of Love, you’ll surely find one that will fit your style and aesthetics. Best of all, they were all made with salt water in our hands and sand between our toes!

Rewards of Living by the Sea by the Mermaid Company

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