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​Mermaid Inspired Looks for Halloween

Flickr I © Mariana Miguelas

Halloween is just around the corner, which is why we’ve garnered some of the best makeup tutorials about our favorite maiden of the sea: the mermaid! Filled with instructions, ideas, and inspirations, you’re sure to improve your knowledge about how to maximize makeup through creativity and effort.


Mermaid Make-up Tutorial Halloween

Are you looking to dress up as a glamorous mermaid for Halloween this year? This step-by-step guide gives us a detailed account about to transform yourself into a mystical sea creature through the art of makeup. We highly recommend it as a worthy creative outlet as much as it is a great costume for Halloween festivities.

Halloween Mermaid Make-up Tutorial

The key to a great looking Halloween costumes is dedicating plenty of time towards achieving your desired results. For those who simply don’t have the luxury of spending hours to work on their costumes however, there’s no need to fret. Just watch this video tutorial about how to become a one-minute mermaid. It also comes with an instructional article that breaks down everything you’ll need to pull off a Halloween classic.

Adult Halloween Make-up Tutorial

This makeup tutorial, aimed towards a grownup audience, will teach you how to dress up a seaside sensation. Delivered in blog form, the article delivers a list of everything you’ll need to create a classy mermaid costume. As a bonus, you can also find other posts for more Halloween costume inspirations within the website.

Mermaid Halloween Make-up Tutorial

Wondering how you can get an Instagram-worthy outcome for your mermaid costume this year? This article lays out a series of easy-to-follow instructions accompanied by photos; so you won’t have a hard time getting ready even if things get a little hectic for the holiday. The blog is also a great Halloween costume resource, as they’re filled with great recommendations about almost anything to do with makeup!

Dramatic Mermaid Make-up Tutorial Halloween

This article doesn’t exactly fit in the “one stop shop” category, but holds layers of rich resource material when it comes to mermaid makeup. Veering away from the mainstream view of mermaids found in the movies, this post has several links that give advice on how to attain a “sexy and seductive” costume. This article is definitely a must-read for anyone who’s planning to go as a not-so-little mermaid this Halloween.


The main purpose of DIY is to be able to make your very own costume while saving money in the process. These how-to guides show that going cheap on funds doesn’t mean that you’re lacking in style! Through creativity coupled with tried-and-tested methods, there’s absolutely no limit to designs you can use for your DIY mermaid costume this Halloween.

Inexpensive DIY Mermaid Costume

Armed with nothing more than a modest budget, this blog shows us how a little DIY with a sewing machine can go a long way. Through clever use of materials and colorways, this blogger was able to create a classic mermaid costume in her very own living room. What’s more, it shows how making something with your own hands can be a fun and rewarding experience, even for DIY newbies.

Mermaid Costume Seashell Top

This blogger was able to fashion a design through a clever blend of DIY methods. With a little help from online shopping to go along with a little needlework, she was able to accomplish a mermaid costume worthy of pro. Her article covers everything you’ll need from start to finish along with plenty of photos for each corresponding step.

Hocus-Pocus: My Mermaid Halloween Costume

Are you one of those people who do wonders with a glue gun? With plenty of ocean themed embellishments, you can repurpose old clothes as the foundation of a glamourous mermaid costume.

How to Create Mermaid Costume

When it comes to crafting, you can be sure that whatever Martha Stewart recommends is a surefire hit. Through a video, Martha and designer Christian Soriano shows us how to create a stylish mermaid costume complete with seashells of all shapes and sizes. There’s also a link to an accompanying article for those who prefer written instructions.

How to Make Stunning Mermaid Tiara

Another Martha Stewart-inspired DIY blog, this article focuses on how to make a tiara to accentuate a mermaid costume. With the same level of care and attention to detail, you can learn how to create your very own mermaid tiara with basic craft. 

To seal your mermaid inspired look, wear our Mermaid Tail inspired  Circle of Love and Protection Interchangeable coin discs with your Mermaid Company necklace!

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Our logo is a creative merge of the petroglyph shape that is an ancient carving in the rocks by a waterfall off Reef Bay Trail, St. John, USVI and the perfect mermaid tail. It defines us and is really beautiful and stands apart from the thousands of other designs out there of the Virgin Island Petroglyphs.

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