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Island Jewelry that defines your lifestyle.


Take home the islands...Take the memories with you.

"Have you ever wanted to take home the energy, the spirit and the feeling of places you travel?  To take all the laughter, memories and special times with you so that you can linger in them later?  Now you can. I make and design island jewelry that captures the magical Spirit and Energy of those moments.  I create island jewelry that defines your lifestyle.  Now you can take that feeling with you where ever you go.  So you never forget."

 -Stephanie 'Icy' McClain, Designer, Artist and Top Mermaid



My name is Stephanie, but everyone knows me as 'Icy' in the islands.  My nickname stands for 'I Choose You.' My passion for making and designing jewelry encompasses every aspect of my life.  

You want to know how I wound up in paradise living the dream?  Basically I pursued my passion so that you can have the most unique and meaningful jewelry that defines your lifestyle so that moments in time are captured and you are able to carry them with you wherever you go.  Read the rest here...

THE SPARK: You know the feeling of strolling the beaches for hours while waves crash at your feet, picking up sea glass and shells? As soon as I hit island, I spent my days like that and then sat on the beach within the oceans mist with my pile of treasure. I patiently twisted, wrapped and hammered sterling silver on beach rocks. On weekends I would sell my jewelry creations to people just like you strolling the beach and buzzing around at the local art market. My soul lit up witnessing the glow on people's faces time after time when they exclaimed 'this is perfect, exactly what I’ve been searching for' holding up my jewelry. It fascinated me and lit a spark within me that cannot be stopped. (Nowadays you don't have to set foot on St. John to find the perfect piece of jewelry. I bring each and every piece to you in your own private market online at MermaidCompany.com! )

IN DEMAND:  The demand grew and my jewelry was featured in the most popular stores on island. Certain designs were in perpetual demand.  A favorite is my 'Dreams' pendant, a sleek eye-catching squiggle of sterling silver which stands for the word "dream" in sign language.  My 'Swirly' necklace that is the most beautiful unconventional daily wear necklace ever (available again fall 2015) and my ever-recognizable 'Wave' bracelet’ that tourists and locals would purchase as fast as I could make. Originally I designed them with beads that matched the colors of the ocean from that morning and strung them onto a sterling silver wave shaped bracelet frame, but they are debuting with glorious gemstones of all colors this year! People always asked me if I had hook bracelets. Now I have an entire collection of unique sterling silver hook bracelets with matching pendants.  They are as individual as you are, stand out in the crowd and define your lifestyle. 

THE MEANTIME: Over the years I've worked out of my tent, the corner of my living room, two giant jewelry studios with ocean views, my 35' sailboat, various docks, big yachts and just about every beach on St. John and St. Thomas. I have THE most loving and faithful companion/dog/kid ever--a westie named Caribee who goes for a drive, swimming, beaching, kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing or hiking at the drop of a flip flop.

LIFE CHANGES: I had one of those “life changing moments” where your world is forever changed and you are literally left with nothing but the clothes on your back. It broke me and built me at the same time. I lost my jewelry studio, my sailboat, my truck and almost my dog. I left the Caribbean and went home to the comfort of family for healing. Through a creative series of events, a new friend encouraged me to take a ‘Solo Journey’ to Thailand. I did. For a month. That month turned into 6 weeks with a side trip to the island of Bali…and that turned into 3 years exploring Asia.

LIFE EXPERIENCES:  In Bali I discovered a village made up of entirely of silversmiths. Extremely talented individuals who learned from their fathers, that learned from their fathers. They work with minimum amount of tools and technology and the energy that goes into each piece is incredible. Bali is called the “island of the Gods,” and it is because the energy is almost touchable, palatable. A language barrier left only our hands to communicate.  Through showing the artisans “my” way while they learned a bold and simplistic new way of making jewelry we bonded. Now several artists in Bali  make jewerly for Mermaid Company which in turns helps support their families and community. It is my great pleasure that I can help others make a living while sharing art and feeding the creative soul. This simultaneously brings the cost per piece down, while more of my little dream pieces are being made per month than I could make alone. It’s a win-win. 

EXPLORATION: I have been able to travel to many places in search of stones and inspiration. I’ve explored islands all over the east and west coasts of Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and my favorite Gili Meno Island off the coast of Lombok. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon, as I am a true island girl. I am where I am supposed to be. I have met friends on this journey that I will have all of my life. I am exploring my souls purpose.

ALL FOR YOU:  After more than a decade of dreaming this website into existence, I now offer it to you as a way to find 'the perfect piece' that is a match for you. Browse at your leisure, share with all your friends near and far with just a click on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, G+ and Facebook. My store conveniently comes to you no matter where you are in the world, no matter what time you want to shop. You can be stateside at midnight or sipping your morning coffee during sunrise on a boat in the harbor.  

Pirate a few moments for yourself, grab your drink, relax and dive into my treasures right now.  I made them for you.  Let your mind wander and your spirit connect you with a piece meant for you.  

The Mermaid Company jewelry is different. It has soul. It's jewelry that defines your lifestyle and lets you take those special moments and the island spirit with you no matter where you go, so you never forget...

Much Love and Light to You and Yours!

Stephanie 'Icy' McClain





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