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About Circles of Love

Circles of Love and Protection

Mermaid Company introduces our spectacularly interchangeable Circles of Love Collection. The pendant is .925 Sterling Silver and we have a multitude of different Circles or coins that takes seconds to switch out anytime you like so that you can #DefineYourLifestyle. Coin jewelry is all the rage in Europe and we wanted to put our own island vibe on it for you. We have 'Circles' or coins that will help to define your moments, your moods and your positive vibe.

What is the story behind our most meaningful collection? It's called Circles of Love of love for good reason.

A Circle of Love surrounds you

Stephanie, our designer, says: “In my family all communication ends with the word ‘circle’, whether it's a phone call, in person, email or a handwritten letter. It is a saying engrained in my heart by my mom since 1991 when my father passed away. My mom began replacing the word ‘good-bye’ which happened to be her last words to my dad with the saying of ‘a circle of love and protection surrounds you wherever you may go’, while drawing a circle in the air with her finger.

At first my sister and I would say, ‘Ohh mommmmm’, but it stuck. Now everyone in the family says it. Over the years it was shortened to ‘circle of love’ and now just ‘circles’. At the end of family visits, we drive away while saying ‘circles’ with everyone drawing circles in the air. A super funny scene if you don’t know the story or what is going on (just picture a whole family drawing circles of love in the air instead of saying good-bye). Many of my friends have included Circles of Love in their lives with friends and family. I want this idea to spread. To uplift the human spirit and make the world a little bit better and a little more positive every time we have to say good-bye.

Positive energy

Think about the energy of the words ‘good-bye’ vs. ‘circle of love and protection surround you’. There is a major difference in the energy! Check out our meditation experiment on this very subject. Turn up your good vibes and spread the positivity to others on a daily basis by this one tiny change in your life. Let your positivity spread like sunshine. No other coin jewelry in the world has this positivity or Circles of Love behind them!

The Circes of Love is designed to define your lifestyle, your moods and your moments. It also takes the guesswork out of gift giving forever!

  • What is it? New spin on old-school lockets with space for 'Circles' or coins that can be switched out in seconds.
  • When is it available? Now! It's the perfect gift for everyone on your list, anytime!
  • Who is it for? Everyone. Anyone...who needs a circle of love around them! ...or just a cool pendant!
  • How do I get it? Buy a pendant+ buy your favorite "Circles." That's it. Switch them anytime you like!

Who do you know that could use “circles of love and protection” around them?

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